Trigger (Agent - Java)

Read-only. Indicates when this agent runs.

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Data type



public int getTrigger()
    throws NotesException


This property corresponds to the Trigger options in the Runtime section of the Agent Properties box.

This property determines the target possibilities. The TRIGGER_AFTER_MAIL_DELIVERY, TRIGGER_BEFORE_MAIL_DELIVERY, TRIGGER_DOC_PASTED, and TRIGGER_DOC_UPDATE triggers have only one target, which returns TARGET_NONE.

Legal values

For the "On event" Trigger option:

  • Agent.TRIGGER_AFTER_MAIL_DELIVERY ("After new mail has arrived")
  • Agent.TRIGGER_BEFORE_MAIL_DELIVERY ("Before new mail arrives")
  • Agent.TRIGGER_DOC_PASTED ("When documents are pasted")
  • Agent.TRIGGER_DOC_UPDATE ("After documents are created or modified")
  • Agent.TRIGGER_MANUAL ("Action menu selection," "Agent list selection")
  • Agent.TRIGGER_NONE (Not used)
  • Agent.TRIGGER_SERVERSTART ("When the Domino® server starts")

For the "On schedule" Trigger option:

  • Agent.TRIGGER_SCHEDULED ("More than once a day," "Daily," "Weekly," "Monthly," or "Never")