ServerName (Agent - Java)

Read-Write. The name of the server on which an agent runs.

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Data type



public String getServerName()
    throws NotesException
public void setServerName(String serverName)
    throws NotesException


The value returned by getServerName depends upon whether the agent is scheduled:

  • If the agent is scheduled, the property returns the name of the server on which the scheduled agent runs. Since scheduled agents can only run on a single replica of a database, you designate a server name for the agent under Schedule in the Agent Properties box. Therefore, the ServerName property may represent the parent database's server, or it may represent a replica's server.
  • If the agent is not scheduled, this property returns an empty string.
  • You can set ServerName to the asterisk (*) to indicate that the agent can run on any server.
  • A null ServerName means the local workstation.

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