run (Agent - Java)

Runs the agent.

Defined in



public void run( )
    throws NotesException
public void run(String noteID)
    throws NotesException


string NoteID

Optional. The NoteID of a document. The value is passed to the ParameterDocID property of the called agent.

Note: This parameter is new with Release 5.02.


This method runs any agent regardless of source language (simple action, formula, LotusScript®, Java).

You cannot run an agent recursively (cannot call it from itself).

The user cannot interact directly with a called agent. User output goes to the Domino® log.

You cannot debug a called agent.

For local operations, the agent runs on the computer running the current program. See runOnServer to do otherwise.

For remote (IIOP) operations, the agent runs on the server handling the remote calls.