save (Agent - Java)

Saves changes made to the agent.

Defined in



public void save()
    throws NotesException


Saving the agent changes the owner immediately. However, if you subsequently get the owner within the same Session, the previous owner's name is returned. The ownership change is not reflected in the properties until the next time a Session is obtained.

You must call save after setServerName and setEnabled, or the new value is lost.

To save an agent from an agent that runs on a server, the executing agent must either: be signed by someone listed under "Run unrestricted methods and operations" in the saved agent's Server document in the Domino® Directory; be signed by someone listed under "Sign agents to run on behalf of someone else"; or must have the same effective user as the saved agent. The effective user may be the signer of an agent, the user listed under "Run on behalf of" in the agent properties, or the user invoking the agent if the agent is run from the Web the "Run as web user" agent property is in effect.