RightBP function (LotusScript® Language)

Extracts a specified number of the rightmost bytes in a string using the platform-specified character set.


RightBP[$] ( expr , n )



Any numeric or String expression for RightBP; and any Variant or String expression for RightBP$. If expr is numeric, LotusScript® converts it to a string before performing the extraction.


The number of bytes to be returned using the platform-specified character set.

Return value

RightBP returns a Variant of DataType 8 (a String), and RightBP$ returns a String.

If n is 0, the function returns the empty string (""). If n is greater than the length (in bytes) of expr, the function returns the entire string.

RightBP(NULL) returns NULL. RightBP$(NULL) is an error.

If a double-byte character is divided, the character is not included.