Implode function (LotusScript® Language)

Concatenates all members of an Array of Strings and returns a string. Elements of the Array are separated by a delimiter, if provided, or the space character (" ").

Note: This function is new with Domino® Release 6.


Implode( sourceArray , [delimiter])



One-dimensional Array containing the substrings to be concatenated. sourceArray can be an array of Strings, or an array of Variants. If sourceArray is an array of Variants, Implode will attempt to convert any non-string elements to Strings.


Optional String containing separation character(s) for the concatenated Strings

Return value

Implode returns a String containing the elements of sourceArray with delimiter between elements, or with the space character " " as a separator if delimiter is not specified.


Implode creates a String that will hold the concatenation of sourceArray. Implode then iterates through sourceArray, With each iteration, Implode converts the next element of sourceArray to a String, if necessary, and appends it to the concatenation String. If more elements remain in sourceArray, a delimeter (either " " or the specified value) is appended to the concatenation String and Implode continues to iterate. After all elements of sourceArray have been concatenated, Implode returns the concatenation String.

Error handling

Implode will throw a Run-time Type mismatch if:

  • an element in a variant array cannot be coerced to a string.
  • the delimiter is set to nothing.
  • the array passed in is not of either type string or variant.
  • a list is passed instead of an array.
  • the array passed in contains an element set to nothing.
  • the array passed in has not been properly initialized.

Implode will throw a run-time Wrong Number of Dimensions error if the array is not one-dimensional.

Implode will throw a run-time Invalid Use of Null error if the array passed in contains an element set to null or if the delimiter is set to null.

Note: Implode is an alias of Join and is identical in every way.