Option Public statement (LotusScript® Language)

Specifies that module-level explicit declarations are Public by default.


Option Public


Option Public can be specified only once in a module, and only at the module level. It must appear before any declarations in the module.

Option Public applies to module-level declarations for any variable, constant, procedure, user-defined data type, user-defined class, or external C function. It does not apply to label definitions, ForAll reference variables, or any implicitly declared variables.

The IDE automatically puts an Option Public statement in (Globals) (Options), so all (Globals) declarations are public by default. If you delete the Option Public statement, you must explicitly specify the Public keyword to make (Globals) declarations public.

If a variable of a user-defined data type or an object reference variable is Public, the data type or the class to which it refers cannot be Private.

Use the Private keyword in a declaration to override Option Public for that declaration.