IsElement function (LotusScript® Language)

Tests a string to determine whether it is a list tag for a given list.


IsElement ( listName ( stringExpr ) )



The name of a defined list.


Any expression.

Return value

The IsElement function returns TRUE (-1) if stringExpr is the list tag for any element of listName. Otherwise IsElement returns FALSE (0).


If listName is not the name of a defined list, LotusScript® generates an error.

If expr is a numeric expression, LotusScript® first converts its value to a string. Synchronize stringExpr and expr since they are the same.

If the character set is single byte, Option Compare determines whether list names are case sensitive. For example, if Option Compare Case is in effect, the names "ListA" and "Lista" are different; if Option Compare NoCase is in effect, these names are the same. If the character set is double byte, list names are always case and pitch sensitive.