MoveToTrash @Command (Formula Language)

Marks the currently selected document for deletion.

Note: This @command is new with Release 5.


@Command( [MoveToTrash] )


The View applet is programmable via this @Command.

@Command([MoveToTrash]) is identical to @Command([EditClear]) except, on the Web @Command([EditClear]) causes the current document to be deleted. @Command([MoveToTrash]) provides consistent behavior for the Notes® Client and Web users.

This command does not permanently delete documents; it marks them for deletion. To permanently delete the documents marked for deletion, the user must refresh the view manually, or programmatically using any function that refreshes the view, such as the ViewRefreshFields @command. A user can also permanently delete documents marked for deletion by triggering the EmptyTrash @command.

MoveToTrash has the same functionality as selecting a document in a view and pressing the Delete key. You can toggle both. Just as you can remove the deletion mark from a selected document in a view by pressing the Delete key a second time, if you trigger the MoveToTrash command a second time, the mark for deletion is removed from the document.


This formula, when added to the Throw Away action button, marks the currently selected document for deletion.
Tip: To permanently delete the documents now marked for deletion, call @Command([EmptyTrash]) after this command.