DiscoverFolders @Command (Formula Language)

Displays the "Folders containing current document" dialog box.

Note: This @command is new with Release 7.


@Command( [DiscoverFolders] )

@Command( [DiscoverFolders]; title )



Text. Optional. If this argument is supplied, the text is appended to "Folders containing: " in the title of the dialog box. If this argument is not supplied, the title of the dialog box is "Folders containing current document".


This command does not work on the Web.

This command works only in a design element containing an embedded outline with the "Maintain folder unread information" property selected. Elsewhere in the design a document must be selected. Otherwise, the error "Cannot execute the specified command" occurs.

The dialog box displays the names of the folders containing the document. The user can open a folder or remove the document from a folder. The dialog box is replaced by the message box "Document does not exist in any of the folders" if that is the case.


This formula can be used to pass the subject field of a note in the mail database, which is then displayed in the title of the dialogue box. For example, if the current document has a subject of "Status of your project" then the following formula will title the dialogue box "Folders containing: Status of your project".

Note that the formula displays the folders which contain the current document, not folders which contain documents having the same subject as the current document. The only thing changed by the optional title parameter is the title of the dialogue box, not the list of folders in the dialogue.