EditInsertObject @Command (Formula Language)

Inserts an object into a document, form, or subform.

Note: EditInsertObject is not supported by OS/2 and UNIX, or the Macintosh.


@Command( [EditInsertObject] )


@Command( [EditInsertObject] ; object )



Text. Optional. The name of the object you want to insert.

If an object name is included, Notes® assumes it represents a registered OLE object and will attempt to insert a copy of it into the document or form. If the object name is omitted, Notes® displays the Insert Object dialog box.


  • A document must be open in Edit mode with the insertion point in a rich text field


  • A form or subform must be open in Design mode.

This command does not work on the Web.

If using this command in a hotspot button or any other element that causes a change in focus, the EditGoToField or EditTop command must be used first to return the focus to the document. The document must be in Edit mode.


This formula inserts a Word Pro® OLE object into the document or form.
@Command( [EditInsertObject] ; "WordPro Document" )