FileCloseWindow @Command (Formula Language)

Closes the current Notes® window. If the document or design element in that window has not been saved, Notes® prompts the user to save it before closing.


@Command( [FileCloseWindow] )


This command executes after all @functions. Use @Command([CloseWindow]) to execute immediately. See the "Order of evaluation for formula statements" topic for more details.

FileCloseWindow does not close the Notes® workspace window.

When using this command on a form in Notes®, to prevent the user from being prompted to save any changes, either save the document first, or use the statement FIELD SaveOptions := "0"; before this command to exit without saving.

You can use this command with Web applications, as long as you enable the "Allow Javascript on the Web" setting on the Basics tab of the Database Properties box. Precede this command with @Command([FileSave]) to simulate a Submit button.