URL commands for required authentication

Login argument

To force user authentication regardless of the database access control list, append the Login argument to any Domino® URL. This ensures that anonymous Web users who weren't initially prompted for a name and password when they entered the site are required to supply a name and password to complete tasks that require user identity.

Note: The URLs shown are for example only. They do not point to existing Web sites.





Logout command

You can specify a default logout time period to log the Web client off the server after a specified period of inactivity. This forces the cookie that Domino® uses to track the user session to expire. Automatically logging a user off the server prevents others from using the Web client to impersonate a user if the user leaves the workstation before logging off. If you enable session-based name-and-password authentication for a server, users can also append ?logout at the end of a URL to log off a session.






You can build this expression into an application -- for example, using it in a button -- or type it in as a URL.