Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs

CGI is a standard for connecting external applications with HTTP servers. CGI programs allow you to do some background processing on a Web page. To run CGI programs, place them in the default cgi-bin directory or in a directory that has execute access. Because Domino® does not maintain access control at the file system level, scripts must include access control measures to prevent unauthorized use.

Running a CGI program

To run a CGI program, include the URL to the CGI program file and enclose it in brackets. Note that you can pass arguments -- for example, values from fields in the form -- to the CGI program. For example:

[" + Email + "&&&" + LastName + "&&&]

A CGI program can run immediately after the user submits a document. You might specify when you want to use the Notes® API to further process the data. To run a CGI program this way, add a field named $$Return, and use HTML instructions as the field value.