Designing views

About this task

A view is a sorted or categorized list of documents. Views are the entry points to the data stored in a database. Every database must have at least one view, although most databases have more than one view.

Here are the general steps in planning your view.


  1. Before you create the view, think about:
  2. Create the view by clicking "New View" in Domino® Designer.
  3. Name the view.
  4. Add columns to the view.
  5. Set up the documents to display in the view by writing the view's document selection formula.
  6. Set up what will display in each column by programming the column value.
  7. Set up the sorting order for the columns.
  8. Set the style for the view, row, and columns.
  9. Save and close the view.



Folders are containers used to store related documents or groupings of documents. Folders have the same elements as view and are designed much the same way. For more information on designing folders, see Notes® Client Help.