Setting up Sametime® integration when Connections is not installed

If your document repository is based on FileNet (CMIS ECM) rather than Connections 5.5, you must complete some additional steps to set up HCL Sametime® presence awareness and chat capability in HCL Connections Docs.

Before you begin

You must have the following software enabled:
  • HCL Domino server 9.0 or later. See the HCL Domino® documentation.
  • Sametime® Communicate or Sametime® Complete and later. Both bundles include the Sametime® System Console, Sametime® Community Server, Sametime® Advanced Server, and Sametime® Proxy Server components, all of which are required for this integration. See the HCL Sametime® documentation.

About this task

To add awareness and chat in HCL Docs in a FileNet environment, you must first set up single sign-on (SSO) for HCL Domino environments and make sure the realm settings are the same between the Docs application server and Domino application server.