Pre-installation tasks

A series of pre-installation tasks must be completed before you can deploy the HCL Docs infrastructure. These tasks include installing the system prerequisites and configuring both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Before proceeding to the pre-installation tasks, make sure that you have completed these planning activities:
  • Determined the required topology and contacted IBM® Techline or your Sales representative for assistance in sizing the system requirements based on the expected number of users.
  • Installed the systems or virtual machines with the required operating systems and the latest fix packs applied.
  • Provided a network diagram depicting the desired topology with host names, IP addresses, and administrator credentials, enabling creation of the deployment response files.
  • Established user IDs and passwords for all systems and middleware.

Completing the following pre-installation tasks now helps to ensure success and reduces the time needed to complete the deployment of the actual HCL Docs components.