URL generation by using PathCmpnt and URLCmpnt tags | HCL Digital Experience

There are some special considerations to keep in mind when you use URLCmpnt and PathCmpnt tags to create URLs to other web content items from within your content.

The URLCmpnt tag

The URL component tag URLCmpnt can be used to create URLs to content items in a presentation template. If the attribute mode="portal" is set, the content item is displayed through a content viewer portlet.

The PathCmpnt tag

The path component is used to create the base part of a URL in web content. Typically, the base part is extended by some string that identifies the content to be displayed. If the path component is used inside the context of a web content viewer, the generated URL has the updated URL format and thus cannot be displayed with the traditional web content viewer.

Adding URL parameters

Adding URL parameters to a regular portal URL do not affect the web content viewer. For this purpose, you must use the URLCmpnt or PathCmpnt tag. Extra URL query parameters, like those parameters that are used with the traditional web content viewer, can be appended to the URLs generated by these tags.