Taxonomy | HCL Digital Experience

Before creating a taxonomy, you should analyze how the taxonomy will be used in your site to determine the best structure for your taxonomy.

Creating a taxonomy

To create a taxonomy:
  1. Open the applications menu and click Content > Web Content Authoring.
  2. Create a top-level taxonomy item.
  3. Create child categories for the taxonomy item.
You cannot use taxonomies in menu searches. If you need a menu to return results based on content that is profiled with any category in a taxonomy, create a single top-level category. Then, and base the menu on the top-level category.

Additional classification options

Classifying users

You can add classification information to users. This can be used as search parameters in menu elements.

Classifying rendering portlets

You can add classification information a Web Content Viewer Portlet. This can be used as search parameters in menu elements.

Classifying content versus access controls

By classifying content with categories or keywords, you can personalize a website for different users. This is different from using item access controls to limit what items a user can access. In a personalized site, although a user may not be able to access all the pages via personalized menus, they may still be able to access other pages by using navigators, or by searching for content. Using access controls limits a user to only view items that they have been granted access to.