Navigation | HCL Digital Experience

Navigation is defined by your page hierarchy and your site area hierarchy. Navigation elements include your page theme, menus, and navigators.

Hierarchical navigation

The hierarchical structure of your website is displayed to users in different ways.
Page navigation
The top levels of navigation are defined by your page hierarchy, and are automatically displayed by the default portal theme as links. The location of these links is determined by the page layout you select.
Site area navigation
If your website includes web content, extra navigational links are displayed with a navigator component. This component type displays a subsection of the hierarchical structure of the site areas and content items that are used by your website.

Criteria based navigation

Use menu components to display lists of links to your web content based on predefined or dynamic criteria. The parameters that are defined in a menu component can be based on set criteria, such as a category or authoring template, or they can be set with dynamic criteria that are based on the current content item, site area, or other variables.