Hiding and displaying pages in the navigation

By default, pages that you create are displayed in the navigation of the portal site. If you do not want a page that you create to appear in the navigation, you can hide the page by setting the com.ibm.portal.Hidden page parameter to true. While this parameter does not affect your portal access control settings for the page, it is hidden from the navigation.

About this task

As a page editor, you might want to access hidden pages by using the navigation. For example, to use the site toolbar to edit a page, you need to go to the page first. You can either use a direct URL to the hidden page or make hidden pages display as described in the following.


  • To hide hidden pages from the navigation, select Menu > Hide Hidden Pages from the site toolbar.
  • To make hidden pages display in the navigation, select Menu > Show Hidden Pages from the site toolbar. Hidden pages are displayed in brackets in the navigation. For example, [Hidden Page].