Technical concepts | HCL Digital Experience

Before you use the Content as a Service pages in HCL Digital Experience, familiarize yourself with its building blocks.

CaaS page

The CaaS page is the default Content as a Service page with the unique name

The CaaS page can be created by running the install-caas-vp task. The page uses the CaaS theme and a single Web Content Viewer portlet instance to generate the individual data representations for your content. The page can be addressed through its unique name or through the friendly name caas.
Important: Portal pages and web content libraries are virtual portal scoped resources. To use Content as a Service with content from a virtual portal, you must install the CaaS page to the virtual portal first.
CaaS theme
This theme with the unique name wp.theme.caas is referenced by the CaaS page. The theme ensures that no portal page aggregation-related markup gets added to the data representation strings generated by your Content as a Service presentation component.