Adding an existing Script Application from the toolbar | HCL Digital Experience

You can add a Script Application to a page directly from the toolbar when a Script Application is created and added to a site area.

About this task

Note: If you add the Script Application to pages for which you selected the Lightweight profile, you cannot start the portal dialog to use the Edit and Import features. Script Application instances that you created and edited on pages with profiles other than the Lightweight profile or elsewhere can be added to Lightweight profile pages from the Script Applications for runtime use.

The content toolbar can display the applications that were saved there with the Script Application Editor. It can also display the applications that an administrator pushed to the Script Applications Site Area by using the command line application. You must have HCL Portal Version 8.5 to use this tool. For best results, upgrade to combined cumulative fix 05 or later. Updates to the application in a site area are immediately available to references of the application from the toolbar in HCL Portal Version 8.5 with CF05 or later. Earlier versions of HCL Portal create copies of the application from the toolbar, which does not reflect further updates to applications in the site area.


  1. Select Edit mode.
  2. Select Add page components in the side bar.
  3. Select Page Components.
    A list of icons for site areas that are enabled for the content toolbar appears.
  4. Select the Script Applications Site Area or a custom site area that you created.
    A list of the available applications appears.
  5. Select an application and add it to your portal page.