Updating an existing Script Application instance with the command line push application

You can use the Script Application push function to update an existing application on a portal page or to update an application in an HCL Web Content Manager site area.

About this task

For details about how to create or update a Script Application instance in a site area, read Creating and updating Script Applications with command line push support.

To update a Script Application instance that was added to a portal page from the Application toolbar, which is not associated with a site area, complete the following steps.


  1. Turn on Edit mode on the portal page on which you want to update the Script Application instance.
  2. In the Script Application instance that you want to update, click Actions > Export Config.
    The sp-config.json downloads to the location you set for downloads in your browser.
  3. Copy the sp-config.json file that you downloaded to the location where your Script Application instance is stored. Make sure the sp-config.json file is named exactly that and not as a copy
    For example: sp-config(1).json.
  4. Run the sp push command from the application root folder or by specifying that application root folder with the -contentRoot argument.
  5. Optional: For use with an unsecured development server, you can add an entry for portalPassword to avoid being prompted each time that you push an update. Do not store a password for any secure server, because the configuration file is stored as clear text on the file system.