Export the WAR file and install the portlet | HCL Digital Experience

Export the IBM Rational Application Developer project to a war file and install the portlet on a portal page.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have properly followed the steps in Coding the portlet JSP.


  1. Export the Rational Application Developer project to a war file called PersOffers.war.
    1. Right click Pers_Offers and select Export > WAR file.
    2. In the Destination field, type filepath/PersOffers.war.
    3. Select Export source files.
    4. Click Finish.
  2. Start HCL Portal.
  3. Log in as the Portal administrator (wpsadmin).
  4. Click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portlet Management > Web Modules.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Complete the installation of PersOffers.war. Verify that installation was successful.
  7. Open Portlet Management > Portlets.
  8. Search for the Pers_Offers portlet and grant Privileged User to All Authenticated Portal Users.
  9. Create a new page called Pers Offers by completing the following steps:
    1. Select Portal User Interface > Manage Pages.
    2. Select Content Root > Personalization.
    3. Select New Page.
    4. Label the Page Pers Offer.
  10. Add the Pers_Offers portlet to the page.
  11. Click Done.
    Note: The portlet is not ready to run yet. If you try, you get an error.

What to do next

You can now import the Personalization workspace resource collections.