Personalization APIs | HCL Digital Experience

Application of Personalization in Digital Experience solutions can support the ability to recognize a specific site visitor or also determine characteristics of a user based on previous purchases, products or pages viewed, or other attributes based on a user profile. Personalization then selects content that is appropriate for that profile.

For example, if a visitor belongs to a particular geographic region, targeted content specific to that region can be personalized to the visitor. If a person has a high salary range, region code, or other information, Personalization can be configured to retrieve information about a commercial website premium product. The page is assembled with the personalized information, and the visitor sees a personalized page.

Visit the following Help Center documentation to learn more: Personalization

As of HCL Digital Experience CF204, the following types of rules or artifacts are enabled via REST:

All of the GET, GET all, UPDATE, CREATE and DELETE operations are enabled via the APIs.

Note: APIs are in beta stage at this time - changes are possible until finalized.

With HCL Digital Experience CF204, the PZN Java API was extended to return the evaluated page when using a custom application object.

The method signature is: Interface

     * Return the serialize ObjectID of the evaluated page
    public String getEvaluatedPage();