Change content spot rule mapping | HCL Digital Experience

Change the default rule mapping to the new binding rule that you created for different customer types who will use the Personalized Offers portlet. Test the portlet for use by all customer types. Verify that the portlet displays the personalized content that is specified by the business rule for each user profile.

Before you begin

Before you begin this procedure, ensure you have properly created additional advanced rules.


  1. In the Personalization Navigator, select the content spot Pzn_offersSpot, located in the Workspace Root.
  2. In the Personalization Editor portlet, click Edit.
  3. Change the default rule mapping to the new binding rule and click Save.
  4. Log in to the Portal as Scott, with password pzndemo, a Gold customer.
  5. Run the enhanced Personalized portlet
  6. Log out, then log in as Marge, with password pzndemo, a Platinum customer.
  7. Run the portlet.


If you run the portlet as wpsadmin, it fails because wpsadmin does not exist in the user resource database, and the programmer who coded the JSP did not code the proper error handling.

Congratulations! You have finished building a Personalized portlet.

What to do next

The next topic, Personalized list portlet, shows how to use this portlet instead of coding the Rational Application Developer portlet.