Setting up the site for the content author | HCL Digital Experience

The roadmaps in this content section can help a certain user complete user-based tasks to implement a design wire frame for a new landing page.

Who should use the roadmaps

Typically, a company or group consults with a design agency or design team to get an HTML prototype of the wire frame, CSS, and other design specifications when a new page template is required. From the design phase, an information architect takes the wire frame and determines what needs to be developed to turn the wire frame into an actual page template that is available from Site Manager. The information architect sends these design requirements to a team that develops and administers the site to implement the design.

The technical team includes a range of skill levels and focus areas. Your organization might merge these roles or have more roles than described in this section. As you review the requirements that are outlined for a sample landing page later in this section, you might relate to one or multiple tasks. Select the roadmaps that best fit your focus areas on your technical team.