Importing web content | HCL Digital Experience

When you set up a new site, you might have content in an existing HCL Digital Experience system that you need to migrate or import into your site.

Using REST to import web content into Web Content Manager

Application developers can use Representational State Transfer (REST) services to work with Web Content Manager. The REST service for Web Content Manager provides authoring access to content items and elements. The service follows the Atom Publication Protocol, and atom feeds, and entries are accessible in XML (application/atom+xml) and JSON (application/json) format.

This is useful when you need to perform a once-off migration of Web content from an external system into an Web Content Manager authoring environment.

Using WCI to import web content managed in an external system

The Web Content Integrator is a solution for integrating externally managed Web content with HCL Portal. Through the use of standard content syndication feed technologies based on RSS 2.0, the Web Content Integrator provides a loosely-coupled mechanism for transferring published content and metadata to the portal after they have been approved in the source system. When the content and metadata have been transferred to the portal, it is possible to use the built-in content management features of HCL Portal to secure, personalize, and display the content to users.

This is useful when you need to continue to use externally managed Web content in a site delivered using Web Content Manager.