Inline editing for Content Template pages | HCL Digital Experience

Inline editing is a feature that allows users with edit access to a content item to edit that item from within the web page itself instead of using the authoring portlet. This feature is only available when displaying content by using a web content viewer portlet. Content Template Catalog templates are designed to allow inline editing for most content.

To see how inline editing works, open the Content Template demonstration site. Most pages have inline editing enabled for content items. Open a page in edit mode, then hover on the content item to see your choices for editing the content. The following picture shows the editable hero text on the About page.

With a page in edit mode, you can hover on a content item and edit it by clicking the Edit button or opening the Edit form.

To edit the content or change its formatting or style, you can click Edit. If you need to edit values for other fields that are used in this content item, click Open Edit Form. Non-displaying fields are collected in one section in the Edit form to reduce clutter on the form. When you click Non-displaying fields: Displayed, you reveal all the images that are used elsewhere on the site to represent this page. You also see hidden fields that users never see.