Access control for the Content Template | HCL Digital Experience

The Content Template Catalog libraries have built-in access control, but you can refine the access further to differentiate between different types of users.

  • Access inheritance - all of the assets in the Content Template libraries are set up for inherited access. Typically you would only give authoring groups "Contributor"; access to the libraries, and then Editor access would be applied at the item level, or potentially on site areas.
  • Subareas - the subareas in each content area are good places to assign access. There are subareas for Promotions, Teasers, Feeds, Components, and Content. Promotions and Teasers are marketing content, Feeds, and Components are design content, and the Content subarea contains the actual content articles. So this structure might be used to implement a 'folder-based' access strategy, giving the correct groups complete control in each of these subareas.
  • Inline design editing - this has been hidden in normal page mode and is only accessible in edit mode. This means that a user who wants to edit these items inline needs access to page editing.

Refer to the product documentation for more information.