WSRP services | HCL Digital Experience

By using the Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) standard. HCL Digital Experience can provide portlets, applications, and content as WSRP services.

The WSRP standard and specification is provided by OASIS. It defines a web service communication interface for interactive presentation-oriented web services. This standard simplifies the integration of remote portlets, applications, and content into portals. Producers and Consumers use this interface for providing and consuming portlets. Users can work with WSRP in the following ways:

  • Producers can provide portlets as presentation-oriented WSRP services and make them available to Consumers who want to use these services.
  • Consumers can select from a rich choice of available remote portlets and integrate them into their portal.
  • Portal site visitors can then access the integrated remote portlets. They can work and interact with them in the same way as they do with local portlets. The integrated remote portlets appear and operate to portal site visitors the same way as local portlets.

The WSRP implementation of HCL Digital Experience 8.5 is built on the JAX-WS based web service stack of IBM® WebSphere® Application Server. The WSRP implementation in earlier versions of HCL Digital Experience was based on the web service stack that is based on the JAX-RPC standard.

The information that is given in this WSRP section assumes that you are already familiar with HCL Digital Experience and with the WSRP specification. If you want more detailed information about the OASIS WSRP specification, refer to the OASIS WSRP Standard website at

Before you start working with WSRP in your portal, read the relevant topics about WSRP carefully:
  • In all cases, read the topics about planning, security considerations, and hints and tips for using WSRP with your portal.
  • Depending on how you want to use WSRP, read the topics about Producers or Consumers.

Currently, there are two versions of the WSRP standard, WSRP 1.0 and WSRP 2.0. HCL Digital Experience supports both versions of the WSRP standard.

The following topics provide information about WSRP Producers and Consumers and about how they communicate with each other.