Manage pages portlets | HCL Digital Experience

Use Manage Pages to create, edit, activate, order, and delete pages and external web pages and labels.

About this task

Use the Manage Pages portlet to complete the following tasks:
  • Create, reorder, delete, and edit the properties of pages, labels, and URLs
  • Reorder pages, labels, and URLs
  • Assign access to pages, labels, and URLs
  • Move pages to a new location in the portal hierarchy

Available tasks depend on which item is selected. Each page can contain multiple pages. All pages on which you have the User or greater role are displayed in a navigation menu. You must expand pages to access nested pages. The options that you see are dependent upon your access level.

Both administrators and users with appropriate access can create and delete pages. Users can delete only the pages that they create or the pages for which they have at least Manager access. User can create pages from the site toolbar.