Setting the portal entry page | HCL Digital Experience

Use the Global Settings portlet to specify the page that a user sees when the user logs in to HCL Digital Experience.

About this task

Note: The Global Settings portlet does not work in portal cluster configurations.


  1. Click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portal Settings > Global Settings.
  2. Make a selection from the field When a user logs in, the first page displayed:
    Will always be the user's default page (portal session will not resume)
    Choose this option if you want users to always return to the default page after login.
    Will be the page the user most recently visited (portal session will resume)
    Choose this option if you want users to return to the page from their last visit. This option is helpful when users lose their portal session in the middle of a task and need to login to return.
    Will be dependent upon the choice the user makes at login
    Choose this option to let users determine the initial view by their choice after login.
  3. Click Save.


If you have a portal cluster configuration, use the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console to set the properties persistent.session.level and persistent.session.option in the portal configuration service. For more information, refer to the topics about Configuring user session persistence, Portal configuration services, and Setting service configuration properties.