Administering Portal Search | HCL Digital Experience

You can administer and configure many details for Portal Search.

About this task

Note: Before you start administering Portal Search, review the topic about Planning and Preparing for Portal Search.
Manage Search is the Portal Search administration portlet. It has three main sections:
  • Search Services: Use this section to manage search services.
  • Search Collections: Use this section to manage search collections and their content sources.
  • Search Scopes: Use this section to manage search scopes and custom links to Web search locations.

In order to enable Portal Search and make documents available for search by users, you perform administrative tasks such as the following:


  1. Create search services. You can use the default search services provided with portal, or you can create additional search services, for example, for setting up remote search or search in a portal cluster.
  2. Configure Portal Search. You do this by configuring the search service.
  3. Configure the search portlets for various environments and requirements, for example, for local or remote search service, or for search on anonymous pages.
  4. Manage Portal Search for users:
    1. Create a search collection and define its properties, thereby allowing for fast and efficient searches.
    2. Create one or more content sources for that collection and have them crawled.
    For more details about these tasks refer to the topic about Setting up search collections.
    Migrating search collections: Starting with HCL Portal Version 6.1 the syntax of the seedlist URL has changed to seedlist format 1.0. Older search collections created before portal V 6.1 use seedlist format 0.9 and cannot be reused or migrated to the new format. Starting with HCL Portal Version 7 JCR was added as 1.0 seedlist format. Be sure that you index all content again before using seedlist format 1.0.


What to do next

Portal Search is pre-configured with a search service, a portal site search collection, and scopes. You can add and remove search services, collections, and scopes.

You can perform most of the configuration tasks for Portal Search by using the administration portlet Manage Search. By alternative, you can also administer Portal Search by using the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console and resource providers in XML format.

All search collections are available by the All Sources selection option of the Search Center portlet.