Crawling web content with search seedlists | HCL Digital Experience

Portal Search supports the use of seedlists to make crawling websites and their metadata more efficient and to provide content owners fine-grained control over how content and metadata are crawled. You can configure the portal to use seedlist support when crawling content generated with HCL Web Content Manager.

About this task

By default Portal Search is configured to use seedlist format 1.0 when indexing content for search collections. When used with web content, seedlist format 1.0 makes it possible to use the web content page type to render content that is found in the search results on the corresponding web content page. You can also include custom metadata fields from a web content item that appears in the search seedlist but not in the HTML source.

Search seedlist 1.0 can make access control information available in a way that makes pre-filtering of contents possible. Pre-filtering provides the fastest filtering approach because it takes place in the search index level. An extra advantage of pre-filtering is that remote secured content sources can be searched from the portal. The filtering mode is defined as part of the search service configuration parameters.