Planning and preparing for Portal Search | HCL Digital Experience

Learn about some planning considerations and first steps that you need to apply before working with Portal Search.

Make sure you read all of the following sections and also the topic about Hints and tips for using Portal Search.

For an administrative overview of the Portal Search portlets, refer to the topic about Portlets for working with Portal Search.

Portal Search is pre-configured with a search service, a portal site search collection, and scopes. You can add, modify, and remove search services, collections, and scopes.

To enhance your possibilities of working with search, you can install additional portlets related to Portal Search and apply special configurations. For information about how to do this refer to the subtopics of Administering Portal Search.

To prevent errors during crawls and ensure easy viewing of documents for users you need to enable Document Conversion Services. For more information see Enabling Document Conversion Services.