Including static content pages in your portal | HCL Digital Experience

You can create a new portal page by starting with a static HTML file or an HTML fragment. If you revise the HTML, you can refresh the page to render the changes in the portal. To include, update, and administer your static content pages, you can use any of the portal administration tools, Manage Pages portlet, XML configuration interface, or the Portal Scripting Interface.

About this task

After you have included a page in the portal, you cannot change the page from static content to standard portal layout or from standard portal layout to static content. If you want to change the page type after you have created it, you need to delete the existing page and create a new page of the required type.

When you use the Manage Pages and Page Properties portlets to create your static page in the portal, you select Static Content for the Type of Page. Then select and complete the other options accordingly. For more details refer to the portlet help.

To update a static page, you make the required changes in the HTML file, then you replace the portal page with the updated page by using the Manage Pages and Properties portlets or other portal administration tools. You can use the portal Page Customizer to update static page layout if the static page contains portlet containers defined by the portlet container microformat.