Site promotions | HCL Digital Experience

You can use analytics tags to set up site promotions. A site promotion is part of a marketing campaign that has the objective to introduce a new product, service, or event, or better position an existing one. A marketing campaign can consist of mailings, posters, banners, articles, games or other web content. In HCL Digital Experience, a site promotion covers the web content part of the marketing campaign. For example, a site promotion named "Christmas 2011" can reference pictures, blogs, and gift-shops on a website.

In HCL Portal, a site promotion can be associated with HCL Portal or HCL Web Content Manager resources. If a resource is assigned to a site promotion, a microformat is injected into the markup of the resource. This microformat can be picked up by an aggregator of the analytics provider. The analytics provider is able to track which site promotion resources were visited or which links were most often followed to get to the campaign content.

The assignment of a resource to a site promotion is called a site promotion mapping. Resources that can be assigned to a site promotion include portal pages, portlets, and Web Content Manager content items. The relation between a resource and a site promotion is as follows:
  • One resource can be assigned to several site promotions, but can be assigned only once to each site promotion.
  • One site promotion can contain several resources but only one of each resource.
For information about the security of site promotions, refer to the topic about Security for analytics tags and site promotions.