Evaluation license | HCL Digital Experience

HCL Digital Experience comes with a special license that you can use to install and deploy the product for a 60-day evaluation at no charge. If you then purchase HCL Digital Experience, with a simple utility you can convert the evaluation license to a full production license. Users who prefer to purchase and install HCL Digital Experience directly, without the evaluation license, can do so without having to install or convert the evaluation license.

Note: This version is intended for new users who did not previously install HCL Portal. You cannot use the HCL Portal media or downloaded installation image to upgrade an existing installation.

Using the evaluation license

When you install HCL Digital Experience under the terms of the 60-day evaluation license, individuals and teams can explore and use the site immediately.

Each time that you launch the site, the SystemOut log file records the number of days that remain in the evaluation license. The log file is in wp_profile_root/logs/HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager.

To continue use after the evaluation license expires, you need to purchase HCL Digital Experience. The purchased production software includes the files that are needed to convert the previously installed evaluation license to a full production license. Custom templates and data files that users created during the evaluation period are fully compatible with the production license, so no additional migration is required.

For purchasing information, contact your local HCL Software representative.