Tune your environment | HCL Digital Experience

Tuning the servers is important to the performance of your environment. By default, HCL Digital Experience is not tuned for a production environment. Therefore, to ensure optimal performance review and complete the steps in the HCL Digital Experience Tuning Guide. If a tuning guide is not available for the current release, use the tuning guide from the previous product version.

About this task

Tuning your environment involves tuning and configuring the various systems and components. Click and download the Tuning Guides from the links mentioned in the Related Information section, which provides general concepts and detailed configuration instructions. Instructions are included for the following areas:
  • Configuring the application server and the resources that are defined for that application server
  • Determining the cloning strategy for expanding or extending the environment
  • Tuning the database and database server
  • Tuning the directory server and its database
  • Tuning the web server
  • Tuning the operating system and network
  • Tuning the HCL Portal services


  1. Use the performance tuning tool to tune the portal server.
  2. Read the tuning guide for assistance with tuning other servers in your environment.