JDBC type 2 and type 4 drivers | HCL Digital Experience

The Configuration Wizard uses JDBC type 4 drivers by default. You can change the default selection in the Configuration Wizard.

During step 2, Customize Values, click Advanced to change the driver type.

When you use a JDBC type 2 connection, HCL Portal and DB2® Connect are installed on one system (the local system). The DB2® server is installed on a different system (the remote system).

When you use a JDBC type 4 connection, you do not need DB2® Connect. Instead, the DB2® Universal JDBC driver that is supplied with DB2® is copied to portal server. It is used within the Java virtual machine (JVM) of HCL Portal and connects directly to the remote DB2® server.

Depending on your database software, there might be more required configuration steps for using type 2 drivers. Review the installing database software topics.