Planning to install HCL Digital Experience

Before you install HCL Digital Experience in a production environment, you need to assess your hardware and software needs, possible database configurations, security options, and LDAP server options. Skipping this important step can lead to unexpected results and costly delays.

About this task

Restriction: z/OS® does not support the Multiple Profile feature because each IBM® WebSphere® Application Server instance has a single profile. However, it is possible to install multiple HFS product instances that point to the same set of binary files in the SMP/e space. This effectively achieves the same result as having multiple profiles. See "Installing code through SMP/e" for information about installing coexisting z/OS® instances.
Restriction: The serverName is hardcoded to HCL Digital Experience. The serverName cannot be changed in a stand-alone environment. If you do change it, the ConfigEngine scripts do not work. For a clustered environment, see Technote 1370392 for options on replacing the HCL Digital Experience JVM.