System requirements | HCL Digital Experience

Before you install HCL Digital Experience, review the hardware and software requirements to ensure that you have the supported versions of prerequisite and co-requisite software and the required hardware.

See the detailed system requirements document at the following URL: HCL Digital Experience detailed system requirements

The following information is the basic system requirements for HCL Portal 8.5:
Hardware requirements
Table 1. Hardware requirementsThe requirements that are listed in the following table are estimate sizing and account for the compressed files too as you download them.
Memory 8 GB
Storage 20 GB
Disk space information
Table 2. Disk spaceThe following are general information about your directory sizing.
Directory information Volume Required Temporary Total
Shared resources area /home 123.9 KB 1.82 GB 1.82 GB
Installation directory /home 3.18 GB 3.18 GB
Software included
Table 3. Included softwarePlease reference the HCL Digital Experience detailed system requirements for the latest updates.
Software Description
Portal Server HCL Portal and HCL Web Content Manager Version 8.5
Application server IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment version on-premises or 9.0x
Java 7 SDK IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology Edition