Managing failed items | HCL Digital Experience

From time to time, items fail to syndicate. You use the failed items view to review a list of failed items and then run syndication again when the issue is fixed.


  1. Log on to your syndicator as an administrator.
  2. Go to Administration > Portal Content > Syndicators.
  3. The number of failed items for a syndicator are displayed in the Failed Items column. Click the number of failed items to open the Failed Items view.
    • Each failed item for the selected syndicator is displayed in the Failed Items view. Information is displayed about each failed item, including information about how to fix the issue.
    • The Root and Impact columns are used to find the root cause of a syndication failure, and what secondary items are impacted by the root cause. By finding and fixing the root cause of the syndication failure, you also potentially fix the syndication failures of the items that are impacted by the root cause.
    • The Important Items tab can also be used to narrow down which items are the most crucial to fix.
  4. After the issues are fixed, you can click Retry to initiate syndication for individual items, or use the Retry All in the Important Items tab to try to syndicate all failed items. You can also choose to update or rebuild a syndication relationship.