Unlocking a library | HCL Digital Experience

A library can become locked when a long running task, such as restoring all content items in a library, fails to unlock the library. In the rare event where a library becomes locked, you can use the unlock library tool to unlock the library.

Before you begin

You must first enable the unlock library tool by adding the following parameters to the WCM WCMConfigService service by using the IBM® WebSphere® Application Server administration console:
  • connect.businesslogic.module.unlocklibrary.class=com.aptrix.pluto.security.UnlockLibraryModule
  • connect.businesslogic.module.unlocklibrary.remoteaccess=true
  • connect.businesslogic.module.unlocklibrary.autoload=false

About this task

Note: This tool unlocks a web content library only, not the items that are stored in the web content library.


  1. Log in to the portal as an administrator.
  2. To unlock a library, enter the following URL in the browser: