Adding a task handler

The task handler defines what the Unified Task List Portlet does when a user selects a task to advance a workflow. The task handler determines how the Unified Task List Portlet connects to the tasks that the users must complete.

About this task

You can configure task handlers to do one of the following actions:
  • Use the HCL Portal property broker to open a portlet where users can complete the task. The portlet that opens can be placed on the same portal page as the Unified Task List portlet or a different portal page.
  • Use dynamic portal pages, or task pages, to open task processing and task-supporting portlets.
  • Provide an external URL that starts a web application.


  1. Log in to HCL Portal with administrative access to the Unified Task List portlet.
  2. Access the Unified Task List portlet configuration view and select Task Handling from the navigation menu. The Task Handling window opens.
  3. Select Add. The Task Handling Configuration window opens.
  4. Provide values to Task Provider Instance, Application Name , andName Space Task Type.
  5. Select the Connection Method for the task handler
    Dynamic Portal Page
    When you select Dynamic Portal Page, you must specify the unique ID in the Unique ID of Portal Page field.
    External URL
    When you select External URL, you must specify the URL in the External URL Pattern field.
    Property Broker Event
    No additional parameters are needed when you select Property Broker Event.
  6. Select Submit
  7. Select Save.