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You can search for content more effectively with the Search Services as it represents separate instances of the provided search engine. To search your local portal choose the Portal Search Service Type and to search for HCL Connections content choose the Remote Content Server search services Type (RCSS). For a cluster portal environment, you need to set up a remote search service. To set it up choose the Portal Search Service Type and follow the directions of configuring a remote search service. For more information, see Remote search service and Configuring search with Remote Content Server Search Service Type (RCSS). You can manage the Search Collections and the Content Sources that are contained within the Search Service. The content source contains portal pages, content that is managed by HCL Web Content Manager, or indexed web pages.

About this task

Along with the Default Search Service provided by the portal, you can add custom Search Services to your portal.


  1. To create a Search Service, click New Search Service.
  2. In the New Search Service form, provide a Service name and select the Search service implementation.
  3. Provide parameter values as needed.
    You can set parameters to configure a search service to set up separate instances of search services with different configurations.
    Note: The HTTP crawler of the Portal Search Service does not support JavaScript. Text that is generated by JavaScript might not be available for search.
  4. Click OK to create your Search Service.


The custom Search Service that you created is listed in the Search Service page. You can also set up multiple portal search services and distribute the search load over several nodes.

What to do next

To view and modify the Search Collections for the service type, click the name of a Search Service. Users can search multiple search collections with a search service. To help users request searches on a search collection, select a search service when you create a search collection.