Adding a wire from the portlet context menu

Use the Create tab to define a new wire from the source event on the source portlet window and a target event on a different portlet window.

You can only create wires between portlets on the current page.

The Create tab is organized in two columns. The first column displays the source artifacts. The other column displays the target artifacts. The artifacts that are listed in both columns are:
  • The page hosting the portlet window.
  • The eligible portlets on the page.
  • The eligible event for the portlet window.

For a portlet to be listed it needs to include at least one compatible event. For an event to be listed it needs to have at least one matching counterpart.

To create a wire, you select these artifacts:
  • a target page.
  • a target portlet.
  • a target event.
The source portlet and the source page of the wire is always the current portlet and page you are editing, so it does not have to be specified

Click any artifact to select it. To clear any artifact click the "X" that appears when hovering over the artifact.

If there is just one possible selection for an artifact, then this artifact is preselected automatically. If a valid selection is made, but a wire for this selection of artifacts exists, the Add Wire button is not active.

Click Add Wire to create the wire and make it active.