Updating a static page

Modify the HTML that is the source for a static portal page, then refresh the rendering of the page.

About this task

If you change the HTML that is the source for a static portal page, you can refresh the rendering of the page as follows:


  1. To open the Manage Pages portlet, click the Administration menu icon. Then, click Portal User Interface > Manage Pages.
  2. Click the Edit Page Properties icon for the page that you want to edit.
  3. Click the plus sign next to Type of Page to expand that section.
  4. Click Update Static Content page layout properties.
  5. If you changed the HTML file name when you modified the source, then type the new page name in the Static Page Layout File field.
  6. Click the Browse button, or type a file path.
    • File path: enter the full path to the source file. This can be an archive or compressed file that is bundled with the localized markup files and related files, such as image files (GIF, JPG) or CSS files, or it can be a single localized markup file.
    • Browse: use the file selection window to go to the archive or compressed file, or HTML file, that contains the content source. In addition to the HTML file that is specified as the Static Page Layout File, the archive or compressed file can contain other supporting files that are referenced by the HTML, such as graphics (GIF, JPG) or a style sheet to format the HTML content (CSS).
  7. Click OK.


Go to the portal home page and then click the tab that represents your page to confirm that the page is rendered correctly, reflecting the modifications to the HTML source.